Dr. Jennifer Walden’s clients love her

Dr. Jennifer L. Warren, a cosmetic surgeon based out of Austin, Texas has an excellent reputation with her clients. A look at the client testimonials linked from her website reveals their genuine feelings of happiness and satisfaction with Dr. Warren.

One recent client who saw Dr. Warren for a breast augmentation mentioned how at ease she was immediately made to feel by the entire staff. This client mentioned how she was impressed with how all her questions were answered and she was not left wondering about any subject. Several other recent breast augmentation clients have also mentioned their pleasure with the staff, specifically the PA, the scheduling and the ease and comfort experienced during their visits.

Dr. Warren has several positive reviews for her Rhinoplasty work as well. A recent rhinoplasty client mentioned how compassionate Dr. Warren was with her. She was very nervous going into the procedure but Dr. Warren was able to explain and break down the steps of the procedure in such a way that the clients nerves were calmed. This client was also impressed with how kind the nurses were both before and after the surgery.

Dr. Warren also has many very positive reviews for her BOTOX® Cosmetic, Restylane and Juvederm® treatments. One client mentioned how she felt so comfortable after her inital consultation for BOTOX® Cosmetic that she went ahead with treatment that day. She went on to say that she was happy with her very natural looking results. A Juvederm® client raved how she loved her new nose and it was exactly what she wanted.

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Jennifer Warren’s clients seem very happy with her work and her staff. Dr. Warren would be recommended for anyone wanting cosmetic procedures done in the Austin, Texas area.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drjenniferwalden

Popular Fashion Podcasts – Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University, founded by Richard Stephens, opened its doors in 1929 in San Francisco, California. It is said to be the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States. They have established a variety of departments, including the School of Fashion.

Fashion School Daily is an online blog ran by the Academy of Art University School of Fashion. One article, in particular, struck my interest that was titled “7 Best Fashion Podcasts of 2018.” In the world today, podcasts are growing rapidly in popularity and are available in almost any interest categorey. As the author of the article states, she believes that listening to podcasts help pass the time on her morning drive to work. As well, podcasts continue to help individuals find new fashions trends that are becoming popular in the industry. Podcasts seem to interest and inform people in a variety ways.

For a good breakdown of the article, the 7 podcasts listed are as follows: i-D Magazine’s “Fash-ON Fash-OFF”, American Fashion Podcast, Man Repeller’s “Oh Boy”, Glamour’s “What I Wore When”, Pop Fashion, The Glossy Podcast and Refinery 29’s UnStyled.

i-D Magazine

This podcast describes great fashion tips, fashion news and the ups and downs from fashion week.

American Fashion Podcast

Contains in-depth interviews with a variety of experts in the fashion industry, discussing current issues facing the industry.

Man Repeller

Discusses a large range of topics within the industry, including an added diverse point of view.


Inspirational and entertaining storytelling from leading women in the fashion industry.

Pop Fashion

Talks about a variety of fashion and pop culture news with an added sense of humor to the issues discussed.

The Glossy Podcast

Discusses the technology within the fashion industry, as well as the business side and how it is changing in today’s society.

Refinery 29

The podcast contains women’s success stories and inspirational storytelling.

Find out more about Academy of Art University: https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionsNear-g60713-d5789272-Academy_of_Art_University-San_Francisco_California.html


The Fortress Investment Group entails of investment management, and it was created in 1998 by Wesley R. Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. It experienced continuous growth and eventually in 2007, it started trading publicly in the New York Stock exchange, becoming the first significant private organization to do so. It currently has assets worth $43 billion for nearly 2000 private investors, permanent capital vehicles, and hedge funds. Peter Briger who is an alumnus of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Princeton University, joined the group in 2002. He came in alongside his former accomplice and former Goldman Sachs’ member, Michael Novogratz who worked there as a Fund Manager. He, however, left Fortress in 2015 to pursue other interests. It was from this group that he got most of his wealth from.

This happened after the company sold their shares to Soft Bank, a Japanese multinational, for $8.08 a share, all amounting to $3.3 billion. Peter Briger is the current President, Principal, and Head of Credit and Real Estate Business in the group. Peter started off as a director for the group back in 2006 and was later appointed as the Co-chairman of the board in 2009. He has also was at Goldman Sachs & Co. for 15 years which is what led to him joining the Fortress Investment Group. He is currently number 317 in the Forbes list which gauged his wealth at 1.5 billion dollars. Fortress Investment Group has experienced significant growth for the past two decades. Between 2006 and 2007, the group acquired the largest ski resort in North America, Intrawest, which is a Canadian Company. Other purchases it made were Penn National Gaming, RailAmerica, and Florida East Coast Industries.

Fortress Investment Group sought to create US’s first Bitcoin regulated exchange which Peter Briger was the one who headlined this project. Peter Briger explained that Bitcoin was a new way to make transactions online safely and securely which was also simple. He stated that Wells Fargo would be inclusive of the pursuit of the Bitcoin project since this new form of currency was capable of challenging the already existing payment methods. He said that both Wells Fargo and Fortress Investment had the capability of providing America with a regulated exchange for Bitcoin. This project didn’t stop Wall Street from going forward with their intentions of using Bitcoin as a mode of currency exchange.

Vijay Eswaran – A Globally Known Entrepreneur And Author

Vijay Eswaran, a well-known entrepreneur, was born in Penang, Malaysia. He founded a direct sales company, the QI Group of Companies, where he is currently the Executive Chairman and has affiliates in thirty countries. QI manages investments in education, hospitality, retail and real estate and employs 1500 people. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong, where Vijay lives. His company thrives on high values and ethics.

Even though Asia was in the middle of a serious economic crisis, Vijay was able to build a prominent, growing company. The key to his success is his personal philosophy of keeping a positive attitude, even though the world around you may be falling apart. He did this by:

  1. Accepting failure as part of growing
  2. A clear plan for achieving success
  3. Pushing through obstacles encountered
  4. Staying motivated in every aspect of the business
  5. Having an “anyone can be successful” attitude

His personal philosophy spilled over into his business philosophy, which also made him successful globally.

Vijay is not only a great businessman, but a giving man. He gives ten percent of the company’s profits to charities. He founded the RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundation in 2005, that helps children with special needs in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Also, a school was created for Malaysian children who have learning disabilities.

Along with his business capabilities, he is an author of several books. He feels his greatest gift is his motivational talks. He mentors other entrepreneurs and provides motivational training for thousands who attend his seminars. His books include business tips, developing personally¸ managing life and being a great leader. He also loves to read books. In a Forbes tweet he said, “When I read a book, it allows me to walk into another person’s mind.” He feels that reading is a luxury.

In recognition of his accomplishments, he has received countless awards for business and is in the top fifty of Asia’s contributors to charities. Vijay Eswaran is a humble man and loves people. With his positive and giving attitude, his successes will continue for years to come.

Richard Dwayne Blair Wealth of Financial Market Knowledge

When it comes to investment, one has to be careful where they invest. Many people wait till they are in their 30s to start saving and investing money. According to Richard Dwayne Blair, one has to start investing their money early on so that they can save a huge amount of money for their retirement. Also, when one starts to invest at an early age even if with a small amount, they can benefit hugely from it. Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the top financial advisors in the country who serves a large number of clients in varied fields.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment advisor with the company Wealth Solutions. He has helped hundreds of people with their financial problems and also put in an excellent strategy to grow their wealth. He not only believes in helping his clients but also makes efforts to educate their clients so that they too know where their money has been invested. He has excellent reviews from his clients who depend on him for their financial decisions. Richard Dwayne Blair has a simple approach when it comes to creating a strategy for their clients. The first thing that he does is listen to his clients and understand their needs. He is patient and ensures that his clients can share their requirements with them. Once he has all this information with him, he creates different strategies that he discusses with his clients. Once the strategies are confirmed, they are immediately implemented and also monitored over time.

Richard Dwayne Blair went to the prestigious University of Houston from where he received his degree in Finance. He then joined the financial industry straightaway as he was always keen to know more about it. He was quick to grasp how the financial world works and studied more to become an expert that he is today. But, for him, learning is an ongoing process, and he spends time studying the market so that he can provide the best investment options to his clients. He is known for the good investment decisions that has helped his clients grow their wealth to a great extent.



Wes Edens made it to the Forbes Billionaires list, and as per 2008, he was ranked position 962. He co-founded Fortress Investment Group with Michael Edward, Robert Kauffman, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone in 1998 and was the firm’s Chief Executive officer up until 2003. From 2009 August, he has served Fortress Investment group as the chief investment officer for Private Equity, principal, private equity’s president, co-chairman of the board of directors and head of private equity. For a year (201-2016 may), Wes Edens was the chairman for Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure, investors. Since 2017 December, he has been serving as the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress. Alternative investment businesses that are publicly traded and private equity are his responsibilities.

Edens attended Oregon State University and graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Administration. His career life started at Lehman Brothers in 1987 where he was a partner in Mortgage Trading division and the managing director up to 1993. He then moved to BlackRock Asset Investors and served as the managing director and partner up until 1997 under the division of BlackRock’s private Equity before co-founding Fortress Investment Group in 1998 with the experience he had gained. The employee’s take on working at Fortress is that it is a great working environment that is constructive and it offers them various opportunities to grow themselves in several different sectors. They also have a good image of their employer, Wes Edens.

Edens Wesley is also interested in sports. He purchased the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 together with Marc Lasry. The purchase of the National Basketball Association (NBA) licensed team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was at $550 million from Herb Kohl. In early 2017, a team by the name FlyQuest in eSports was created by Fortress. It contains the team League of Legends owned by Edens competing in the League of Legends Championship Series in North America (NA LCS). From BizJournals, Wes Edens takes home an annual pay of $54.4 million including the shareholder dividends and the benefits from Fortress Investment Group. With this, he is generous and gives back to the society mostly focusing on initiatives that art related, health and education.

OSI Industries -Expanding and Winning

The OSI Industries is the cutting edge of the retail food industry with decades of a successful business that started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. The Otto and Sons transited to OSI Group becoming the global corporate business with 65 production plants and boasting of a workforce of 20,000 employees and having a notable presence in 17 countries. The operations of Otto and Sons stopped in 1975, and the OSI Industries took over the company 75 years of existence and offering high production food products.

In 1975 Lavin Sheldon joined the company as a significant partner and later controlled 100% of the share making him the sole owner, and he became the president, director of boards and the company Chief Executive Officer. Before that Lavin was the investment consultant, who played a significant role in 1970 capitalization of Otto and Sons. The ramping up of the production saw the OSI engage in latest manufacturing capabilities and mostly in response to the continued growth of the McDonald. In 1977 under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin it stated the first facility in Utah Western Jordan and later expanded first to North America and then globally.

The global growth of OSI Company has been tremendous with Sheldon Lavin using his sophisticated negotiation and capitalization skills to achieve high levels of return. Lavin has vast expertise in banking, investing and executive. The OSI Industries according to Forbes is no 58 among the most significant and robust private companies in America. It has revenue sales of $6.1 billion.OSI Industries has also expanded its products gaining leadership for its quality protein products from the sausage links to hamburger patties to pizza among others. It has branched in various new territories both figurative and literally and gaining momentum and impressive rate in Europe and increasing its product banners also to include the non-meat products. In Europe, the OSI Company has embraced the environment developing facilities certified by Leadership in Energy and the Environmental Designs (LEED).

OSI Industries introduced the Global Trade with the core aim of creating and taking control of the company chain of supply starting from its employees, suppliers and ending with customers. It also embraces the cutting-edge technology of using the cryogenic food processing’s, and it has two Culinary Innovations Centers and even a research and development center making it circle of supply more production. The center’s core tenet is to ensure OSI Group partner with its clients to develop better and new products that satisfy their needs and also wants, and also it helps in interacting with the latest technology in quality and food safety.

For More info: www.kununu.com/us/osi-industries

Computer Expert Malcolm CasSelle Believes Gamers Will Bring Cryptocurrency Mainstream With Wax.

Within the world of online games, particularly role-playing or quest-based games, there is a thriving marketplace for buying and selling virtual assets between players. While this market may not be well known, gamers are currently exchanging digital goods to the tune of about $45 billion annually, through local and regional marketplaces, as well as commercial marketplaces such as OPSkins and, this marketplace will only keep growing as we spend more time online and create more digital assets.

Until January of 2018, after the launch of WAX (WorldWide Asset Exchange), the online marketplace had security issues, was inefficient and struggled with currency exchanges. WAX was developed as an online token, utilizing blockchain technology and powered by Delegated Proof Stake (DPOS), to combat the insecurity of online virtual asset trading and to eliminate foreign exchange conversions and third-party transaction fees. By bringing cryptocurrency into the online gaming world, Malcolm CasSelle, the CIO of OPSkins and president the WAX blockchain platform believes that it will be the gamers that will bring cryptocurrencies mainstream.

Holding degrees in computer science for MIT (undergraduate) and Yale (graduate), Malcolm CasSelle has gained experience through startups such as Xfire, Timeline Labs, and Media Pass to understand the value of virtual assets.

As OPSkins network opened up the virtual market, Malcolm CasSelle has seen the influence gaming has on the economy and he is excited about the direction that WAX tokens are taking the online gaming asset marketplace. Because the WAX tokens have eliminated intermediaries in transactions and have allowed millions to open personalized virtual stores for gaming assets, it has increased the economy of this market exponentially.

By creating the WAX platform, Malcolm CasSelle has provided security to virtual asset transactions, allowing gamers to fully take advantage of the marketplace without the financial risk that existed before the WAX tokens. This, in turn, has increased the use of cryptocurrency and its applications and will soon, because of gamers, become mainstream.

Write About Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone, Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is one of the most successful business ventures related to alternative asset management. At the core of its success lies his co-founder, interim CEO, and director, Randal Alan Nardone who has been part of the management committee of the company from 1998 when it was found, and by 2006, he had already made it to the board of directors. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, a position which he has maintained since August 2003.Randal Nardone studied law from the Boston University School of Law and got his Doctor of Jurisprudence. He also holds a bachelor from the University of Connecticut, where he majored in Arts in English and Biology.

Apart from being the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, LLC, he is also among the board members of various institutions. He is the president of NCs 1 Lic. He is both chairman and president of Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC. He also plays board and advisory roles in New Residential Investment Corp, in the executive management. Brookdale Senior Living also has Mr. Nardone as their director. Randal Nardone also holds other positions in various companies.Before co-founding Fortress Investment Group, he was well versed in the financial industry where he offered advice to his clients and other firms at large. After obtaining his J.D, he worked for several companies as a lawyer. He worked as a principal at BlackRock and was among the members of the executive committee. He also worked as a managing director at UBS for a year in 1997 before finding his own company with Wes Edens and others as his partners.

His experience in both the legal and financial sector enabled Fortress Investment Plan to achieve great recognition in the industry.With years of experience and exposure, Randal Nardone managed to earn himself a spot in the Forbes Billionaires list. At the age of 51 years and a net worth of over 1.8 billion dollars, mainly made from Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Nardone is ranked as number 557 billionaire worldwide. He was able to make it to a billionaire through the joined efforts of his partners and with a public offering. Randal Nardone has more than two million shares in the stock markets.Employees of the company find it as an opportunity and gateway to growing their careers and social life.

Peter Briger in Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger in Fortress Investment Group

Peter Lionel Briger also known as Peter Lionel Briger Jr. is the President and the co-chairman at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress investment group is based in New York in the U.S.A. According Forbes he is among the top 400 billionaires in the world. He also assumes other leadership outside Forbes such as he is a member of board of governors at Hospital for Special Surgery. Due to this great success his story is definitely an interest to many. So what is his story like? He studied Bachelors of Art in the Princeton University, he then proceeded to get a Master of Business Administration at the University of Pennsylvania.After graduating Mr. Briger joined the Goldman, Sachs &Company. While he was working there he demonstrated great leadership skills and was appointed to sit in several committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee. He also headed various groups in the company such as the Asian Distressed Debt business.

These achievements paid him handsomely as he became a partner in this company in the year 1996. Peter Briger served in Goldman, Sachs &Company for 15 years and then left for greener pastures.Peter joined the Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Due to his exemplary performance in his previous job he joined the management team immediately. In the year 2006 he was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors in The Fortress Group. This was a great step in his career. He has continued with his exemplary service and this has seen him through his journey and now serves as the principal and co-chairman at Fortress. His main responsibilities are overseeing the Fortress Credit business and the real Estate.

Peter Briger relates well with the employees at Fortress Investment Group.His leadership capability has been appreciated outside Fortress and he holds other prestigious positions in other organizations. Some of these positions are he is a member of the board of governors in Princeton University Investment Company, Central Park Conservancy and the Global Fund for Children. He is interested in the Princeton University Investment Company since he studied in the Princeton University. Global Fund is a non-profit organization that funds organization based in communities all over the world to care for children. This is his way of giving back to the society. Peter Briger serves as a good example to the young ones that success is a step by step journey. Learn More.