Shocking Growth Of Handy Home Services recently reported on the growth and profitability model that Handy used in order to gain their recent, unprecedented success with the on demand home services platform they have developed over the years. It started as an idea among roommates who lived in Massachusetts while attending college at Harvard Business School. The idea became a start up company, and that start up company is now one of the most successful home service providers available on the market. The founders, Hanrahan and Dua, tried many different strategies to achieve the results that they desired. Oddly enough, the founders were not always on the same page about what was needed to make Handy head of the market. Handy was not the only company offering home services on demand to consumers, so they had to adjust their strategies in order to stay alive in the fast paced tech savvy business world.

 More About Handy’s Hard Earned Success

Their success did not come without long meetings with board members where the founders would discuss certain strategies that others did not have faith in. Even as recent as early 2016, Hanrahan remembers having trouble getting in the right mindset in order to present long Power Point slideshows to financial supporters. One of the ideas the founders struggled to agree about was whether or not to have people sign up online in order to be service providers on platform. They tested this idea in two markets, and they decided it was working. Handy has been able to provide professional cleaning services, home repair services and help with odd jobs ever since they decided to test these new ideas.

To take a look at the original article from, go to this link. You might be shocked to read how far Handy has grown.


VTA Publications Is A Friend Of The Little Guy

Many people have tried to figure out just how some of the wealthiest billionaires in the world have been able to get to where they are. Whether it’s through running a successful business, making shrewd investments and stock trades, many of these people in the 1% knew something along the way that helped them get there. One man claims he knows the secrets about this that big banks and wealthy investors don’t want you to know about and is willing to share them in his videos and in his company’s publications. This man is Jim Hunt, an investor from the UK who is helping the little guys get to where the big guys are.


One way Hunt is doing this is through showing people how to use stock charts. He has a YouTube channel by which he gives tutorials on using stock charts and making profits through trade execution. Jim Hunt believes the task isn’t as difficult as some experts try to make it, and he helps simplify the process for beginners. Hunt also explains how money is transferred in a bear market through “Wealth Wave,” a program with information on what some of the savviest investors have done when a bear market comes. He also shows how 10 trades could make someone rich in “Making Mum a Millionaire.”


Hunt started a company where the “little guy” could find out how to become financially independent, and learn even more about stock trading and investing. This company is VTA Publications, a financial publication company that ships its materials all over the world. The company has three subjects that they specifically show their readers: Retirement Planning from the Bible, Little-Known Options Trading Strategies, and booklets about learning stock charts. In addition, VTA Publications has recorded seminars from some of the most brilliant business minds around the world covering subjects from business startup to advanced investing strategies. To order any of the materials including the seminars, you can go to and choose any materials you’d like. You can also find informational articles published on the site.

Lime Crime – For All Your Many Moods


One of the latest crazes to hit the streets in make-up, and one of my personal favorites is Lime Crime! The buzz about this brand is hot on social media right now! Doe Deere’s unique take on the color palettes chosen for this brand is what is really making her stand out. This unicorn lipstick is one that is worth the sparkle!

With a wide range of unicorn colors to choose from, it will be hard to find just one you’ll want to settle on. I like to rotate my lipstick with how I’m feeling that day. If I’m really feeling it that day and ready to take the world give me something like, Red Velvet from their matte collection. Step out into the world loud and proud. Here I am world! Maybe on date night keep it to something a little subtle and sweet; something like their Blondie from their metallic collection. Sweet pink with just a little sparkle to catch the light from the candles your boyfriend most definitely has lit on your date; because that’s what boyfriends do, duh!


And if you like their unicorn lip shades as much as I think you’re going to then you’ll definitely want to try out their eye shadow line. My personal favorite here ladies are the super foils! If you are having a Barbie kind of day, then the only way to go is the Malibu/Convertible. It is the most perfect shades of blue and pink, and just what you need to snag your next Ken! How about squad goals? Does your crew have them? Well your next goal needs to be getting this very sparkling pink/copper combo color palette called just that, Squad/Goals!


If you haven’t left your computer screen to find the most rad, fun make-up on the market right now, let me tell you exactly where you can go! Urban Outfitters knows just how cool it is to team up with the unicorn kids and they offer velvetines in some of their US stores, you can also get Lime Crime at Glambot, and many online retailers.

SOLVY is Set To Transform The Way Students Learn Math

SOLVY is an innovative, new online platform that has emerged to improve student’s math skills. With SOLVY, teachers pick math problems that students can access. The platform can be easily accessed on any device. Currently, conventional math classes attempt to teach mathematical concepts using unrealistic scenarios.

The way that math is taught in the modern educational system only prepares students to use math in exams and not real-world application. Modern math classes do not fully address the need of a student to develop a creative solution on their own, before they are “told” how it is solved. Every student is different and individual needs must be addressed better.

With SOLVY, one student can answer a question with a focus on finance, while another student has a math question that focuses on science. Teachers will be able to view the work done by the student on the platform, so the teacher can understand how the student arrived at that problem. Philanthropist and entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov became the CEO of SOLVY and is the founder of many logistical, technological, and financial companies.

Assignments are chosen based upon the child’s interest and needs. If the student needs more assistance in a particular area, the teacher receives notifications about their performance and areas of weakness. The free software tracks the progress of the student as they’re learning math problems.

It’s an excellent tool for collaboration, as multiple students can work together to solve a problem or they can work independently. SOLVY is the ideal place a student can go to get help from a tutor, teacher or fellow student.

SOLVY allows students to develop multiple ways to solve a problem. It is different than the conventional method of teaching which is based around lecturing and testing. Plus, the software delivers feedback on each step of their problem, just as live teacher would.

Teachers benefit from the software by the automatic reports it generates on the student’s progress and gaps in knowledge without pouring over student tests for hours, making tedious notes. SOLVY is a solution for students to learn math in a way that they can apply to the real world.

Alexei Beltyukov has a far reaching background stemming from being a doctor in the Soviet Union. He received a scholarship to attend INSEAD College in France where he completed a business program. He founded Brunswick Rail Leasing, a company that leases freight cars. Alexei Beltyukov also began A-Ventures which invests in Russian companies in need of growth capital. Alexei Beltyukov also created Endemic Capital and New Glass Technologies.

Lime Crime Has a New Bundled Set for the Holiday Season

Lime Crime is launching new colors of their famous Velvetines line of liquid lipsticks just in time for the holiday season. Five new neutral tones of liquid lipstick have been released. This liquid lipstick is one of a kind. It starts as a liquid lipstick and dries to a matte finish. This lipstick lasts for hours and is velvety soft on lips, unlike other lip products on the market that suck the moisture out of your lips. This unique formula was inspired by founder Doe Deere’s favorite flower which is a red rose. The formula leaves your lips rose petal soft, and are also highly pigmented and long wearing. The formula is infused with French vanilla. The lipstick has a vanilla frosting scent to it, which fades slowly after the product has been applied. The scent is loved by many fans and is one of the things that make this product line unique.

Lime Crime also has gift sets of Velvetines available for the holiday season, which is a great way to stock up on some of your favorite colors. Many bundled deals are offered, and there is sure to be a color collection to suit everyone’s taste. Four different bundles recently became available. The “Burgundy” bundle which has five different color choices in the burgundy and plum family is also one of the limited edition bundles offered this holiday season. The “Girls Girls Girls” bundle that features five different shades in the nude family. These bundles sell for $75 on This is a $100 value and a savings of $25. Stock up before they sell out.

There are also two smaller bundles available for the holidays from Lime Crime. The “Get ur metallic on” bundle which features three metallic shades is also an exclusive lipstick set offered for a limited time. This bundle is available in two different color selections one is a collection of metallic nudes the other is a collection of metallic purples. These bundles sell for $44 on which is a $60 value.

Online personality and beauty blogger Celia Leslie is a huge fan of the Velvetines line. She has a YouTube video where she swatches 24 colors of this liquid lipstick. Her video is very helpful to see what all the shades look like on. She among many other beauty bloggers is a fan of this line.

The fruits of Hair care Labor

When it comes to choosing the perfect haircare product that fits your needs, it’s easier said than done. This industry is huge and has a lot of legit products to choose from, but also plenty of scams as well. Basic knowledge that you’ve been taught throughout the years for proper haircare could be doing you more harm than good. Yes, we all have to wash our hair, but if you’re washing it more than three times per week, scalp stripping will occur. Over washing will also create extra sebum which will give that greasy smooth feel unlike the silky smooth feel of healthy hair.

Weather plays a big role with hair as well. Cold temperatures seem to decrease the hair’s volume, makes it look flat, and cause dry brittle follicles. Hot temperatures on the other hand can give you an “afro” thanks to the high levels of humidity. Whatever weather conditions we’re in effects us, but there are products available to help us manage these situations more efficiently and one of those products are from the brand named WEN by Chaz Dean.

Wen has quickly become a leader in an already crowded field. What makes (WEN) so popular is that it’s truly effective. This advanced line specializes in the use of natural ingredients that include Rosemary Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Pro Vitamin B5, Lavender, Cucumber, Almond Oil, and more.

The “secret is in the sauce” as the old saying goes and (WEN) definitely delivers on it’s promises. Founder Chaz Dean has brought some of the best products to the masses with these revolutionary formulas and WEN by Chaz will only improve in the years to come. To remove tangles, add moisture, and make your hair your manageable, WEN By Chaz has you covered. Visit the WEN YouTube channel and crunchbase page ( for more information.


Securus Technologies: BBB Confirms Their Excellent Reputation

I recently read an online article published on The article announced that Securus Technologies has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Texas. Securus is a premier leader in civil and criminal justice technology solutions, says the article.


Their Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, was quoted as saying how hard they have worked with the Lone Star State to get such a high rating. Hayes also said that Securus has received formal accreditation in print. The article listed all of the requirements that a business must do before getting a high rating from the BBB.


First of all, the company has to build trust with customers. They need a good history in the marketplace. Their advertisement must be honest, and they must keep with the standards of selling and advertisement, says the article. Being honest means that the business must tell the truth in representing their products and services.


A business also needs to be transparent, says the BBB. All of their policies and procedures should be clearly disclosed. They should also honor any promises that are in written or verbal agreements. If there are any disputes, they should be resolved promptly and professionally. The article also says that the BBB requires businesses to safeguard the privacy of all of their client’s personal and financial information.


The business should be an example of integrity in the community, says the article.

I also read that Securus now has one of the largest customer service departments in the industry. They have 220 representatives in their domestic call center. Since this improved the control over how customer service is handled, the BBB standards were met for accreditation says the article. With the large volume of calls received in customer service, the article says that Securus’ call center has a 4.3 out of 5 for a customer satisfaction score. It represents the company’s commitment to its clients and to the standards of the BBB, says the article.


Hoyes says that the BBB has confirmed that Securus meets their standards. He also says that they confirm the fact that Securus is the largest facility provider with the most solutions and the largest team. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus, says how glad he is that the company got BBB accreditation. He says that it is proof that his company really does what they say they do. Smith says that they appreciate the scrutiny of the Better Business Bureau, says the article.



Vlogger Wengie Breaks Down 11 Awesome Beauty Hacks

Beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Wengie, breaks down eleven beauty hacks in this video to really up your beauty game on a daily basis.


She starts off with her love of tea, a habit longtime viewers will be familiar with, and talks about how she will use a tea bag over and over again until no color comes out in the hot water. But how does tea factor into beauty, you might ask.


There is more than one way to implement tea into your beauty routine, the first of which involves making a toner out of green tea. By brewing a cup of green tea, pouring it into a spritz bottle and cooling it, you can make a refreshing green tea toner. Be sure not to keep it long though, as it has no preservatives.


The second use involves the used tea bags. After brewing a cup of tea, the tea bags can be chilled and then placed over your eyes for a refreshing and cooling mask to reduce puffiness.


Some things she says, such as making sure the wavy part of the bobby pin is facing downward, are fairly common knowledge now, but mostly the video contains her own personal hacks for her beauty routines.


Longtime viewers will also know that Wengie hates wasting cotton pads, and she lists several hacks to help cut down cotton pad waste, such as putting toner in a reusable spray bottle. She also constructs a reusable nail polish remover by cutting up a sponge and placing it in a glass jar with nail polish remover.


There are several hair hacks as well. Wengie demonstrates spritzing her natural bristle hairbrush with perfume. She also shares a hack of adding a few drops of oil, such as Moroccan or coconut oil, to her brush, which does double duty as a conditioner for both the brush and her hair.


The hacks are all very simple and easy, and almost all can be done with things that are already around the house.


Talk Fusion: Working Around The Clock To Make It Even Greater

Needless to say, not many people were surprised to hear that Talk Fusion has upgraded their video chat. Anyone that has been a follower of Talk Fusion or used it, they know what they are all about and they know what Bob Reina stands for and the type of individual that he is as CEO. When he started the company in 2007, which means it has been around for almost a decade, he had a clear mission in mind. He wanted to make the world a place where people can communicate, chat, and even start up their own business. Their motto is be part of the moment and that moment is now.

A quick briefing for those that are unfamiliar with Talk Fusion. It is a revolutionary app that allows for people to video chat, video email, video conference, and send out video newsletters. It is for the new type of businessman and new type of businesswoman. It is for those that are looking for something a little more out of life and are tired of the same old, same old. They are tired of their nine to five job and they have had enough of living an ordinary life just to pay the bills. They want to pay the bills in a way that is fun to them and exciting.

That is what Talk Fusion offers and with their new upgrades, they are making it even easier. There is no sign up required and it is easy as pie. It does not matter what kind of phone someone has, as long as they can download Talk Fusion on their Android or iPhone, they are good to go and they can video chat with the person for either business or just to shoot the breeze. Right now, Talk Fusion is also offering a thirty-day free trial for new customers.

There is really no reason to be scared of trying it out, as it is fun, interactive, and really easy to use, but if they want to just sample it out and see what it does, now is the time, according to this link:

Naomi Campbell-Using Her Success For the Greater Good

Naomi Campbell is one of the original five supermodels. A native of London, when she was just fifteen years old she was discovered. Since she began her successful career, Naomi has been glamorized on the covers of over five hundred magazines. She has been the main feature in campaigns for Prada, Burberry, Chanel, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Lois Vuitton.

She is the very first black model to make it onto the cover of French Vogue, Russian Vogue, TIME, and is the very first British black model to grace the British Vogue cover as well. She has showcased the collections of Azzedine Alaia, Chanel, Christian Dior, and Versace on the runway and has appeared on The Cosby Show, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as well as many other well-known TV shows. She has also been on Madonna’s “Erotica,” Bob Marley’s “Is This Love,” and Michael Jackson’s “In The Closet.”

In South Africa as well as all over the world, Campbell has done an incredible amount of charity work and fundraising and has even worked with Nelson Mandela. In 1997 Campbell was named “Honorary Granddaughter” by Mandela for her heroic acts of activism.

She founded Fashion For Relief as well as hosted its first charity show in order to raise financial aid for the many victoms of Hurricane Katrina. Fashion For Relief has since raised millions of dollars for countless causes.

Campbell was the executive producer of “The Face,” Oxygen’s hit series, where she created opportunities for its contestants that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Her addictive series has really caught on and the UK series of “The Face” will begin filming in Austrailia. It has the potential to begin airing in other places around the globe and also airs on the Autumn on Sky Living.

Naomi Campbell is not only a beautiful and ambitious model but is also an opportunist and avid entrepreneur. But all of her success hasn’t made her oblivious to the world around her. She continues to use her success to help others and to bring awareness to global issues, as well.