Oncotarget, the Trusted Medical Journal

Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal that publishes research papers on cancer research and various aspects of oncology. It also publishes papers on endocrinology, immunology, physiology, age-related diseases, and pathology as these all affect tumor development in one way or another. Anyone can access the journal for free. It is peer-reviewed, ensuring that all the information published is accurate.Ever since 2010 when Oncotarget published its first paper, it has done a great job at enlightening the public and those with any kind of interest in developments in the field of oncology and cancer. Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are the editors in chief of the journal. When authors submit their manuscripts for consideration, the editors review them and either accept them, recommend a few changes to be made, or reject them. This is all in an effort to ensure the information published in the journal is of high quality and is accurate. The journal has a Creative Commons license, proving its legitimacy.

Effect of Nutrition on Cellular Rejuvenation

One article published by Oncotarget discusses the effect of nutrition on cellular rejuvenation. Nutrition is known to be one of the major factors that affect the rate at which people age and their life expectancy. This is because good nutritional habits decrease the rate of cellular degeneration, and significantly slow down the rate at which people age. A number of tests were done on mice and the findings were consistent with the above. The findings also show why many people in Western societies are suffering from diet-induced health problems. The conclusion drawn from the studies was that restricting daily food intake can greatly decrease the rate of cellular degeneration and significantly extend one’s lifespan.


Oncotarget has been lauded for making it possible for the public to access accurate information on developments of oncology. The journal is a trusted source of information, and is even used by medical students and professionals in their research. With professionals like Oncotarget on the editorial team, it has managed to ensure that its publications are always of the highest quality.

Clay Siegall talks about a Total Eclipse that will sweep across America on Monday 21st Aug

Clay Siegall is the CEO at Seattle Genetics and the official blogger of his WordPress page where he writes on an array of issues. Very recently, Siegall highlighted a story on the upcoming total eclipse that will sweep the United States in August. A lot of people are eagerly waiting for this once in a lifetime phenomenon.

The total solar eclipse is expected to occur on Monday, 21st August and it will be visible across America. The last time America experienced total solar eclipse was in 1979. The forthcoming total eclipse will be the first of its kind as it is expected to cover coast-to-coast. There has never been a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in the last 99 years.

According to info released by NASA, a partial eclipse will be visible throughout the U.S., but within a band that NASA calls path of totality that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina, a total eclipse will be visible. As of now, the Eclipse industry is already booming in these areas.

Some towns have already spent millions of dollars preparing for the phenomenon. One such county that has made a massive investment in the last ten years since the announcement was made is the Hopkinsville. The town is one of those that are in the path of totality. Currently, the town has an eclipse coordinator.

The Charleston Post and Courier hearsay that more than a million people are expected to visit Carolina in August when the eclipse will be happening. Charleston’s visitors’ bureau has already launched a website with a listing of viewing events and hotel packages. The full eclipse is expected to occur at precisely 2:48 p.m. ET, according to reports by NASA.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall’s award-winning efforts in the fight against cancer have been built on a firm foundation. Clay earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from Washington University. Since his graduation, Clay Siegall has accumulated many professional accomplishments.

Clay started his career Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he served as a senior research investigator. Due to his commitment and hard work, Clay was promoted to serve in the capacity of Chief Researcher before he launched Seattle Genetics


Police Using Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

Part of my duties as a police officer is making use of any and all resources to help keep the streets of our city safe. Each day that a violent offender is able to get away without being taken into custody, then innocent civilians are going to be in harm’s way. When the call came in that we had a repeat offender who was just released from jail already back to committing home invasions, I knew we had to take action fast.


One of the things that I will do is go right to family and friends to see if they are willing to cooperate and help close this case. In this particular situation, no one wanted to come forward because they feared the suspect would be able to figure out who told and he would be back for revenge. When you have even family or friends that terrified, it is extremely urgent we get the suspect into custody fast. I decided that I would return to the jail he was released from to collect my evidence.


Knowing that inmates are less likely to talk than close family, we decided our presence in the jail would get these inmates excited enough to run to the phones to call family and friends. We knew Securus Technologies installed the telephone monitoring service here in this prison, and we know that the LBS software can instantly pick up chatter on a number of key search terms.


It wasn’t long after we arrived that a few inmates were already on the phone warning their families to get a message to the suspect we were looking for him. These inmates are aware we can hear them, so we assumed they thought by all talking together we would miss something. The Securus Technologies doesn’t miss anything and lead us right to the location.


Beneful Grain Free Dog Food Delivers the Taste and Nutrition Your Dog Needs

Purina is constantly developing new and healthy dog food recipes to add to their Beneful line of products, and the new Beneful grain free is a unique addition. With a recipe that includes no corn, wheat, or gluten this food focuses on real meat with hints of fruit and vegetables. Best of all, this healthy blend meets 100% of your dog’s nutritional needs for a complete diet. Real farm raised chicken will provide a taste your dog loves, and hints of blueberry, pumpkin and spinach enhance the flavor profile while adding nutritional value. After all, healthy dog food won’t help much if your dog doesn’t want to eat it!

Beneful grain free is intended for adult dogs, and can be purchased in 4.5 lb and 12.5 lb bags. Coupons are frequently available online, in stores, and in your local newspaper. If you are looking for a natural dog food with simple ingredients, Beneful grain free will deliver. You can trust Beneful grain free to provide complete and balanced nutrition to your pet with a taste they will love, but you always have the option to mix it with one of Beneful’s wet dog food recipes to meet your dog’s preferences. Purchase Beneful grain free dog food with confidence, knowing that all of Beneful’s dog foods meet the nutritional guidelines established by the AAFCO.

Try a bag of Beneful grain free dog food today, and surprise your pet with a delicious meal dense in protein and nutrition!

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Bob Reina: His Mark Is Everlasting

Bob Reina has talked about leaving his mark on the world, and that is not meant as arrogance or being overconfident. He knows he is in a unique position in life. He wants to take advantage of it in a positive way. He is not interested in buying things for himself or getting toys. It is the opposite for Bob Reina in fact. He wants to use all of his goodwill and all of his fortune to help out those in need. That is why Bob Reina stepped up and made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This is not something he did to get his name in the newspaper or a pat on the back.


That is one the greatest things about Bob Reina: he is genuine and he is organic. There is nothing phony or fake about this man. He is out to make a real difference and he is out to leave a mark that will hopefully inspire other people. Too often, people sit back and they say to themselves or others, “I wish I could do more to help. I wish I could do something about this situation.” They don’t realize that they can help and they have the power to help. The only thing stopping them is themselves. Learn more: http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/


With Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, people can have a stay-at-home business, which is the true definition of a win-win in life. When people have that at their disposal, they are making money and they are happy. While it is true that money does not buy happiness, it does buy freedom, which buys happiness. It is a great feeling for someone to wake up, do their own thing, and start working whenever they feel like it. They are still motivated and determined, but they work on their terms and their hours.


In many cases, people are working in their pajamas or they are working in comfortable clothes. There are no rules except working hard, having fun, and making a better life for both the person and their family. Those don’t feel like rules at all! Learn more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bobreinatalkfusion-704

Tony Petrello, The Best Corporate Leader

Anthony Petrello has always exhibited a unique quality, and that is his expertise in the field of mathematics. From a tender age, Tony has always excelled in the course of educational career, therefore, making a desirable name for himself in the society. His education specialization began when he attended Yale University to continue his career in mathematics since it has always been his passion.

Anthony Petrello studied successfully graduated with both a Bachelors and Masters degree. He continued to further his education and joined Harvard Law School from where he again graduated with a degree in law. While at Yale University, he met up with Lloyd Grove with whom they shared a common interest in mathematics, but Lloyd recently noted that Tony Petrello scientific ingenuity was not only motivated by the requirement to study, but it was a passion that came from deep within him.

Having a clear understanding of numbers and insight into how the law worked assured Mr. Anthony a position at the prestigious Baker and McKenzie law firm. He specialized in cases revolved around international arbitration, taxation, and corporate law. Tony worked for the company up to 1991 when he joined Nabors Industries board of directors as the chairman. Since the time that he joined Nabors Industries, Anthony has worked in various managerial positions, and the latest is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and President of the company. Anthony has managed the company successfully by using a unique strategy, which involves availing a vision so that his juniors can be able to work while focusing on the achievement of a particular goal. Additionally, this makes everyone to work as a single unit to achieve the primary target. As a result of his hard work,  Anthony managed to earn a total of $27,512,939, for the financial year 2015.

Apart from working at the leadership position in Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello is also the board chairman of Stevenson & Stewart LLC, Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees, and Hilcorp Energy. Anthony Petrello is a leader whose style of leadership ensures successful results are always obtained.

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David Giertz Stresses the Importance of Social Security Knowledge

There is one major issue that people are faced with when they are getting towards retirement. One is knowledge about social security on CNBC.com. For one thing, a lot of retired people are getting smaller checks than they should because of some mistakes that have been made. One thing that is making it worse is that a lot of the advisers are not educating people on social security. There are people who are aware of what is going on. Among these people is David Giertz. Giertz urges advisers to talk to their clients about social security and let them know everything they need to know so that they can maximize what they can get with retirement.

Among the things that could cause problems for retirees is that they wind up getting either less income, more taxes, or a combination of both on facebook.com. This results in people not having much to retire off of. This is a major issue when it comes to quality of life. This is one of the reasons that David Giertz wants the retiree to have enough information about social security so that he can live comfortably at https://angel.co/david-giertz. When one is barely getting by with what he has, then this could really be a problem for the individual. David Giertz knows that this type of problem is a lot easier to prevent than it is to correct.

One thing that David Giertz wants advisers to do is to teach the workers about the factors that play into the retirement. One thing that people should understand is the age when they take out social security. It is common for people to start taking out social security at age 62 because they can. However, this lowers the amount of money they are given. People who wait until their retirement age which is 65 or up will have bigger checks at https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051. This is one of the advantages of waiting until retirement age to collect social security.

Direct Selling Can Be Tough But Traveling Vineyard Is Easy

So you decided that you wanted to go into business for yourself and figured that the best way to be your own boss was to take part in one of the many direct sales programs that are so popular with so many aspiring entrepreneurs. After some research, you decided on the one that you thought was best and gave it a shot. Ok, so that didn’t work out too well, right? So, you decided to try another one, and you did a bit better, but you also started to learn that this is harder than you thought. Hey, what if you tried another one, that didn’t require so much time and commitment, then you could still have a nice side income but you would be running yourself into the ground, right? But then, with the less work load, you also found that you made a lot less money.

So now that you have tried selling kitchen gadgets, lingerie’s, men’s underwear, socks & dress shirts, home décor, holiday items, makeup, steaks, and who knows what else, you are probably fed up with the whole concept and ready to just go back to the daily drudgery of the nine to five rat race, correct. Before you do, you need to hear something important. Direct selling doesn’t have to be a battle for survival, at least it doesn’t have to be if you have the right program. You need a program that lets you connect with people in a way that is fun, engaging, and offers them something that they not only would be buying anyway, but that they actually love to buy. With that being said, it’s time for you to consider Traveling Vineyard.

You may be thinking, “forget it, I’m done, just hand me my necktie, sock garters, pressed shirt, and briefcase, I give up!” But before you surrender, know that the problems you have been experiencing, and the lack of success you have had, has nothing to do with you. In fact, it’s just the opposite, it has to do with the programs that you have been working. They all have the same fundamental flaw in their design. They are all based on a concept that was created back in the 60s with brands like Avon, Tupperware, and AmWay. They all require you to use the hard sell to pressure your friends and family to regularly buy products from you that they may not need, or even want. However, Traveling Vineyard is different.

Traveling Vineyard was started in the Napa Valley by folks who wanted to make a little extra money by sharing their passion for wine with people who may not like wine, or who may not get to explore the world of wine as easily as they would like. The idea behind it was that most people who think they don’t like wine have never really had the chance to experience good wine in the right way. From that idea the belief developed that if someone was given a chance to try a great wine in an educative and relaxed environment that they would see how wonderful wine really is. Next grew the idea that those who were already wine lover can be exposed to a whole new range of wines for all over. These would be fabulous wines they may not have heard of, or had the chance to try yet.

Now that the concept has taken off, with hundreds of wine guides all over the country holding tasting parties every week, it has proven to be an idea whose time had come. So why is Traveling Vineyard going to be better for you than selling food containers, men’s boxershorts & shirts, women’s intimates, or household cleaners and toothpaste? The simple answer is that wine, when it is good and it is presented right to a wine lover, referred to as a wine explorer, will basically sell itself.

The online training and support system for Traveling Vineyard makes it easy for you to learn everything you need to know to put on a perfect tasting party. This information includes things such as what foods to serve with the wines, what music pairs well with the wines and guests, conversation starter idea, and of course all of the intimate little details that you will need to share about the wines themselves. After you get set up, all you need to do is share invites to those people in your life who love wine, are interested in trying wine, or who you meet through your everyday life and who are intrigued at the idea of getting together with new friends over a glass. There is no pressure, no sales pitches to push, and most importantly, nothing more than food, friends, fun and of course great wine.

If you are tired of the humdrum hamster wheel of other selling programs, don’t give up, accept that it’s not you, it’s them, and give something new a try. Traveling Vineyard is about sharing the joy of relaxation with the world, and giving a relaxed business opportunity to its associates. So, relax and have a glass…of success.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Launching a Fund for the People’s Rights

Wars and poverty are among the main reasons why people are fleeing their homelands and becoming refugees in the process. There are estimated to be millions of people who are experiencing everyday violence and abuse, at any given time, in the world today. Many fall victims to human traffickers, drug traffickers, rapists, and other criminal acts. These people, who are oppressed day and night, sometimes do not have any choice but to do what their captors say, as they are already fighting for their own survival. Read more: Jim | Twitter

Their human rights are being violated, and are being neglected by the majority. Some refugees who managed to escape the hands of the traffickers end up being an illegal immigrant in the country they got into. They are being threatened with deportation back to their own countries that are ravaged by wars and poverty, taking up the only chance that they have to rebuild their lives and start anew.

To help these people, volunteers began setting up non-government organizations that will oversee their condition and would make sure that all of their needs are attended. They aim to help out illegal immigrants and refugees start a new life and providing them with proper documents so that they can be legalized, and are also handing out their assistance to victims of abuse and human trafficking by providing counseling and justice.

In the United State, two men named Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are bound to become one of the most recognizable faces in the field of volunteerism, as they kick started a campaign of helping out illegal immigrants and refugees alike, crossing the border from Mexico, to integrate with the local people of Arizona, providing them cash assistance that was the result of a case that they have won several years ago.

Prior to becoming the faces of volunteerism, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had been working with Phoenix New Times, a newspaper company they founded along with their classmates back in 1970. In 2007, the two were arrested because of how they published a confidential subpoena into their website, revealing how the special prosecutor wanted them to reveal the IP address of all who have seen the personal address of the county sheriff. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/5-smart-ways-people-and-places-are-resisting-trumps-immigration-policies/

The issue began when they published the address of Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff, on their website, relating to their report about the sheriff’s deals with real estate companies, which the state attorney considered to be crime punishable under the Arizona laws.

After several media outlets expressed their support to Michael and Jim, their case was dropped the day after. The two brave men then filed alawsuit against Maricopa County, which resulted in them winning the case and being given $3.75 million for the damages.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used the money they received in establishing the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.This fund is used to support groups and non-government organizations advocating for civil, human and migrant rightsthroughout the state of Arizona, and to date, the duo have managed to help thousands of people who are crossing the border with Mexico in search of a better life in the United States.



The Reason of Adam Milstein’s Active Philanthropy

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel to two emigrant-parents. His father, Hillel, immigrated to Israel in 1948. His mother, Eva, immigrated in 1949. Shortly after immigrating, Hillel served as a combat sailor in Israel’s independence war. A year after Eva’s immigration, the two got married in Haifa and read full article.

After starting a family, the father’s work caused the family to move to Kiryat Motzkin, where Adam Milstein spent his childhood. When he turned 18, Adam began serving his mandatory duty in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He served during the Yom Kippur War as part of the Ariel Sharon’s army Division.

After completing his service, he attended the Technion, the Israeli Institute of Technology. While attending the Technion, he married his longtime girlfriend, Gila Elgrably. In 1978, he graduated from Technion with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Three years, he moved his family, Gila and his two daughters, to the United States.

After spending some time working with his father back in Israel, Adam decided to move to the U.S. to further his education. He began attending the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. In 1983, he graduated with a Master of Business Administration degree and what Adam knows.

Throughout his life, he’s learned two things: hard work pays off and there are countless people suffering from prejudice and hatred. After establishing himself as a commercial real estate tycoon, Adam began focusing on helping the Jewish communities around the world. Along with his wife, he co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and his Youtube.

This particular foundation provides a range of services to organizations dedicated to strengthening the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and U.S. – Israel relations. Adam is also a part of dozens of other organizations that share a common goal: lifting the Jewish people.

Being an active philanthropist is a huge part of Adam’s mission. He’s dedicated much of his time to the Milstein Family Foundation. Even the foundation’s staff invests significant time to every aspect and service the organization offers; sometimes working together with other organizations and Adam’s lacrosse camp.